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Easy way to Download music on Iphone 2020

Download music on iPhone 2020

Downloading and listening to music is fairly difficult for iPhone users. Because it’s hard to listen to anything or songs like Android on the iPhone. So in today’s blog article I want to discuss how you can Easy way to Download music on Iphone.

Easy way to download music on iPhone


Easy way to download music on iphone.

Music is a matter of rocking and cool. There are very few people who like music. Because we also listen to music to keep ourselves away from depression. Long traffic jams, when going for a tour, or party time can not think without music. But unfortunately the tie is so bad that this issue is absolutely dead sample in iPhone or iPod.
But there are a few working apps in the iPhone Store that are well known to all of us, which can listen to music and listen very well without any kind of net connection. And there is no need to use any of these apps by paying extra.
So if you like to check everything and listen, you can listen to the artist or playlist from the audio files.

Easy way to Download music on Iphone without apple music.

Download music on iphone without apple music, and if you want 3rd party apps can be downloaded easily from the browser’s Help..

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So let’s find out what kind of system is available to listen to music on the iPhone without the Internet.

Easy way to Download music on Iphone apps list.

1. BOLT Browser For Ipone.

Bolt Browser is a special free downloading free app for iPhone. This is a very popular browser. More or less all of us who use iPhone are quite familiar with this browser.
This browser allows you to protect your privacy using your own Touch ID. There are also extra facilities to connect VPN from Bolt Browse.


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It has now added Dark Mode for which you will get a different experience using this app even at night. But for this you need to update your iOS above 13 version of iOS.
You can download any video song on iPhone using Blot browser. You can download and listen to any YouTube video including Facebook video on iPhone.


2. FoxFM Browser For Iphone.

FoxFM is another popular off-line music listening app used for the iPhone.This app is a kind of cloud service that provides services like Google Drive or Dropbox.It can also be called a simple file manager which you can easily manage. You don’t even need internet to listen to it. With it you can download and listen to any song.

In addition, Touch ID or Face ID can be used as protection
You can also listen to any artist or playlist. From this app, you can listen to the equalizer and make a playlist in it separately and put the song of your choice.
There are both paid and free versions.
Direct songs can be downloaded directly from Google or any search engine.

From this browser you can share any file or picture or video you want on email or social media.It allows you to import photos and videos from your. So hopefully you will enjoy using this browser very well.

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3. Document apps for Iphone.

Document apps are also quite popular among some more popular apps including FoxFM.
This app has almost the same features. In this app you can add any type of cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
You can easily extract any type of zip file and you can archive any file. You can easily convert any video and listen to the audio file in the background and It natively supports Mp4, Mp3, Numbers, Pages, Pdf, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Ppt, Pptx, Zip, Jpg, Png etc.All types of pictures from Camroll can be imported, exported and saved back to Camroll.

Download Music by using Safari on iPhone.

The iPhone is updating their version every day, and they want to make it easier. The iPhone wants to compete with the Android platform to meet our daily needs and brought 13 versions of iOS considering those aspects.
This version is a groundbreaking creation of the iPhone. Because after this update, they have given them the opportunity to download any song or video or picture using Safari browser and Apple has made a good arrangement to open and listen to the songs downloaded from here from the file manager.
So from this browser you can download music song without Apple. So to download any song or picture, go directly to any site, click download now, save it and keep listening by opening it from the file manager and get lost in the world of music.

ShareIT Music Player For iOS.

However, if you want, you can use Shareit as a hassle-free music player.
Shareit’s look is also stylish and premium. Also after using it there is no pressure on the phone. You can use it as a music player as well as a video player.
Using this player you can also open PDF files, so you must use ShareIt to enjoy the iPhone’s music player.

Listen Song From Google Drive.

Google Drive is basically a cloud service and it is managed by Google.


So you can listen to any song, picture or video kept in Google Cloud by opening it from the file manager on the iPhone, even from offline.


Since it is a free service, you must download the song and listen to it off-line before you have to keep that option on.


Download music on iPhone from YouTube.


To download songs from YouTube, your iOS version must be above 13. Because since this version, the level of downloading anything from Safari has become much easier.

For this, first you have to go to YouTube, then you have to download the song or video by clicking on the share and copy the link.
Now you have to come to Safari browser with the copied link.
Then do a Google search for Y2mate. Then go to and paste your link and click on Continue and if you want to download video from there, if you want to download video and audio, download the audio file and this file will go directly to iPhone File Manager.

From there you can also listen to music or import it to any player or You can also download videos using FoxFM. This is too much easy way to download music on iphone from Youtube.

So this is some cool and easy way to download music on iphone. Although in most cases you have to pay for music listening apps, but you do not have to pay for using these apps. So hopefully if you are a new iPhone user then today’s article will help you, so if you want to share this post with your friends it will benefit you and your friend. And if you want any comment, don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the comment box below.
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