Easy way to earn money by Writing Articles

Easy way to earn money by Writing Articles.

Hi friends, I have come up with something new for you again. Looking at today’s title, many people have understood that today’s discussion is about Easy way to earn money by Writing Articles. So let’s read this post for 1 minute without wasting any more time.

Easy way to earn money by Writing Articles

Article writing or content writing is a huge medium through which there is a huge potential world for online career building.

However, those who are very proficient in English language can establish themselves easily,These topics are written on various websites or blogs.Apart from blog articles, articles are mainly written for various promotional activities including product reviews, sales pages of services, various books or leaflets of business organizations.

Types of article writing : However, there are different types of job opportunities for article or content writing, but only 4 types will be discussed in this article.

The first two types of work are low payment. 

The other two are higher wages. Naturally, if you have low language skills, if you have low qualifications, you may not get the next two jobs.

There are two low-wage jobs :

  • Rewriting content,
  • Snippet or Short Article Writing.

In a word, rewriting is to make the article beautiful in one’s own language by keeping the original information in a 300-600 word so that the next article is not duplicated with the first article.
And Snippet or Short Article Writing is to create writing in 100-160 words on any subject.

There are two high-paying jobs :

  • Article writing or content writing and
  • Proof reading and editing.
In a word, article writing or content writing is the writing of a subject in 400-600 words, which can not be taken away from anywhere in any way. 

If it is caught, then the career will end. Proof reading is the correct spelling, grammar, style, etc… of a text!! And editing is to make the writing more interesting and refined.

How to prepare for : It is important to know APA Style, MLA, Chicago style proofreading. APA is the American Psychological Association and MLA is the Modern Languages ​​Association. Also, if you know Oxford style Proof reading and Editing for British English, it will be very useful.

You will get a lot of help from you online about these proof readings. But you have to learn the rules very well. There are many tests of these in Odesk. It is much easier to get such jobs if you are in the first 10 percent or 20 percent of the tests.

You can also proofread and edit any weak text as a sample. If necessary, you can show it to the employer.

You can also publish some post articles on ezinearticles.com to show as a sample.
Success will come in the palm of your hand, if you start bidding for the job after proper preparation and work according to the deadline without any deception. 
Then the employers will not want to leave you.

You can translate : English-Bengali or Bengali-English translation work is less on freelancing sites. On the contrary, professional sites such as translatorsbase.com, etc. have a lot of work to do and you have to pay for the membership first. So there is a problem. But if you are personally interested in translation work, it is also a problem to work for such problems.

Transcription : This can be a great source of income if you are good at it.

All you have to do is listen to an audio file of the client or watch a video and type exactly what will be spoken there in English. In this case you need to have good hearing

That means you need two basic skills for this job :
  • Listening and understanding English and 
  • Fast typing skills.

Now come on, how is the rate? Usually one hour of audio or video work is available for 10-15 dollars. If you just fit into this job, there are plenty of job opportunities.

Summarization Writing : The job of Summarization writing is to turn an article or blog post into 100-150 words. However, it can also require a short version of a book.

Resume Writing : If you can create a resume or CV suitable for the American corporate world or the internet world, there is enough work for you.

Press Release Writing : Press release writing for different products or websites or advertisements with different headings can be found almost every day. 

Therefore, it is important for you to know the correct format and style of writing a press release. Maybe you can take the help of PROweb.com for this. Because you have to prove that you can create the right style of PR(Press Release).

Payment for press releases is much higher than article writing. It is about 5-10 dollars for one. Work is also often on the website.

Power Point Presentation : This is a combination of English and PowerPoint skills. You need to make a presentation about the chapter or first page of a book or the contents of a meeting or a tutorial and its payment is good, you will get a lot of work.

Software required for the job :
  • Dupe free Pro software.
  • Word web.
  • Note pad.
  • MS Word.
  • File Format Converter.

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