PUBG Mobile erangel 2.0 beta version download

erangel 2.0 beta version download For Android & iOS

PUBG Mobile erangel 2.0 beta version download.


PUBG Mobile is one of the most talked-about real-time battle fire games in the world today. For which the current smartphones are being made in the same way.

PUBG Mobile is originally made by Koreans and is known as a battle game full of graphics and fighting skills.

The graphics of these games are full of new events and new beautiful skins and outfits every day.
PUBG MOBILE has been continuously updating their games in various ways and to maintain the continuity of those updates. PUBG Mobile has come up with a new map. 
So let’s take a look at the details of the new PUBG MOBILE erangel 2.0 beta version download map.


PUBG MOBILE Official Announcement.


They are going to update the beta version 1.0 of The PUBG MOBILE very soon.

And with that in mind, they’ve officially announced Erangle 2.0 Version.

Erangel 2.0 Beta Version Download For Android & iOS
PUBG Mobile released their beta version 1.0 of Erangle 2.0 on 6th August,2020.
However, they confirmed the issue in 2019 and all the players will be able to play this new map very soon.
And finally, after all the waiting. New updates are coming soon to PUBG Mobile.
PUBG Mobile has made an official announcement and confirmed the new map Erangle 2.0 Beta Version and it will be released in the next update.

In this new update, landscape, map structure, building have been redesigned for the improvement of the players.
The logo of The Map will be seen in 1.0 days and officially when the new map will be seen in the Play Store or iOS Store, its logo will be 2.0.
And those who have been doubting for so long that then what will happen to Erangle 1.
The sad thing for them is that the old Erangle Map is no more.

However, on the new map, new buildings are going to be changed in almost all places including School and Prison.

Erangel 2.0


Erangel 2.0 beta version download Update Features.

  • Upgraded graphics.


  • New map elements: Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, etc.


  • Adjustments to large resource points: Mylta Power/Quarry/Prison/Other Play Zones.


  • Building structure changes.


  • Building adjustments.

Erangel 2.0 beta version download For Android & iOS.

The new Beta version erangel 2.0 beta version download is now available on Android and iOS.
This beta version can be used for a few days so you can enjoy the features of Erangle 2.0. New map PUBG MOBILE by downloading from the download link below to enjoy its new features.

1. For Android.



1. For iOS.

 Download Button

Those of you who want to have fun playing in the new version can download and exit the file and play in the previous system.

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