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Get A Free .Me Custom Domain 2020

Hi friends today I will share with you a new system and with it you can get dot me domain without any hassle.Because those of us who blog or try to find a beautiful TLD or top level domain,And it doesn’t matter if it’s for free, because most of us find it free,So today’s tune with a new site that can help you for blog Adsense or your WordPress,
So if you want to get this dot me domain you have to follow the following step by step rules, and for those who tried from student mail it will be a lot of help.And this domain is almost like a namechip for a whole year, so you don’t have to waste time opening an account with a namechip.
  • Rule 1 : First you have to go to our desired site by clicking on the link or image given below.
Get A Free .Me Custom Domain 2020
Here is the website link : Click Here  ↤

  • Rule 2 : After visiting the site you will be taken to the following interface,And here you will find an empty box, and there you can enter the domain name what you want, and click on the search icon.

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Rule 2 : Now from here you will see some domain names and all the domains here are top level.From here you can choose the domain of your choice,But since I am talking about the dot me domain, I will take it,And you can take it if you want, you can’t take it again, it’s your choice.

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One thing to note here, some of the rules stated here are that you must take a look at it.There is a help file written in such a disclaimer,You can read the picture below by clicking from here and notice what is written below.


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(Note : These are all TLD domains)

  • One Domain name can be redeemed per and IP address.

  • Offer only applicable to a one year registration.

  • Valid for a limited Time,While supplies last.

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Rule 3 : A new page will appear in front of you, which can be a little confusing to see which one you will select.Since we will take a domain, we will click on Create website and give it to the next one, we don’t need email forwarding here.



Rule 4 : It will then suggest you some templates here and ask for your site name,And you can select a template with any name, then click the Next button…You don’t have to do anything else here since you will take a domain.


Rule 5 : Now you enter your exact address as you like or the way you want,And make sure you fill out the captcha the right way.And when it is completed correctly, you submit your form.

Note: Notice a little better, many times when you submit the form, if you do not submit the form, a text comes that(Your code has been redeemed)

(If this happens then you can connect Pakistan server to VPN and try again from the beginning)


After submitting your form, a page will appear. From there, click on Finish without Build in Website,
Then you check your mail. 
You will get a few mails and one of them will get domain verification, from there verify your mail.

Rule 6 : This time you sign in from the login page of your domain,Then you get your domain, and you can see the age of the domain and all kinds of details from My Domain.Here I have shown my domain.


So this is how you can take today’s dot me for free,Let me know if any of you have a problem, and if you can work full way, you can easily get a dot me domain.And you can use this domain for any purpose,However, I have shown this domain by adding it to my blog. You can also add it to your blog.And if you want to know how to add a domain to my blog, then let me know if you got a domain,

Note : For your convenience then I will make the 2nd part of it.That’s all for today, everyone will be fine,and share this post mostly.

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