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How Can I Get Unlimited Traffic & Backlink For Rank On Google First Page.

How Can I Get Unlimited Traffic & Backlink For Rank On Google First Page.

So friends, how are you all? I hope you are all well again. Welcome back to your own blog. 

So today I will show you how to bring a lot of visitors and backlinks to your site or blog on the first page of Google

Because when we create a blog site or portal we expect to get a lot of visitors in it and keep thinking about how to rank first in Google and How Can I Get Unlimited Traffic & Backlink For Rank On Google First Page.
But we can’t bring our site or blog to the first page of Google because we can’t create SEO and backlinks properly.

Friends, today I will teach you a new trick with which you can easily rank the published article of your blog on the first page of Google by ranking it in Google.

Get Unlimited Traffic & Backlink For Rank On Google First Page

Unlimited Traffic & Backlink.

So friends, I did a post earlier about what is backlink, but I did it in Bengali and I tried to explain it very well. If you want, you can come and see my post from there. Get ideas on what a backlink is and how it works…

This is basically the best way to bring traffic to your personal blog or site,And if you follow this trick, you will get free traffic for 3 to 4 months at a time and the post you have will easily go to the first page of Google….

Friends, if today’s post helps you, I would like to ask you for a little feed and share this article with your other friends so that your friend will also get very good help, so friends, let’s start today’s detailed discussion.

And for any comments you can help me with your valuable comments in my comment box below I try to answer you…

First of all, to do this we need help from two websites, one is Google and the other is our popular site We all know that is one of the websites for guest posting. 

But we don’t know how to get more visitors to our site by posting guests on this site and how to get our article on the first page of Google.
So first you have to go to Google.

So Dear Now Search ” Google Trends “

Google Trends is basically Google’s own feature, it determines how many searches they do every day or how many articles people find, but what are today’s trends?…

OK, when we search Google Trends, we will find the pages of Google Trends on the first page.

and now click a page…


google trends

Then we can see such a window…Although there are some suggested trains at first.And if we want, we can also post guests with these suggested trend.

But to see regular posts, click on the 3 dot menu of Google Trends and choose the trendy search option like this picture.


google trends how works

Then you can see the posts that were shot today or last day.And after clicking on that link, you will notice the title image and content of the post that has been most viral or searched, or you can copy and save it in Notepad.

make a post a

Now you enter then if you don’t have an account in medium you can open an account for this you can login to using gmail or facebook account if you want.Since my account is already open here, I went straight to and copied the title of the trend site post opened in the tab of my laptop.

After copying the title of the train site, I clicked on the profile of my account and then selected New Story.
Then I pasted the title of my copied article as the title.


create a post on

Just like we write blog posts, you also have to write your article on

For this you first give the title and paste the copied content then add a little picture in the middle of the content and if there is no picture then download and add the picture of that content from Google.


link your site here

Now we have to note that the main thing we had to do is to build backlinks and get visitors by link building. For this we have to copy the links that we have written in our blog posts or articles that we want to bring to the first page of Google.
Now Done and submit links for internal linking..

And all the links that we want to internalize inside the guest post will basically be ranked by Google.

Now if you want you can easily bold some words according to my rules shown in the picture and add a link to your site link.

One of the great benefits of this is that you can backlink both your site and the post because just clicking on the link will redirect all the visitors from to your site.

The reason why is an ideal site is because it is close to Google, Facebook and YouTube in terms of DA PA rank.

DA : 83
PA : 88
Alexa Rank : 26

Therefore, is a powerful effective backlink for backlinks. 

So if you backlink from it, you can easily bring your site to the first page of Google and by doing so, the DA PA of your site will gradually increase.
When you try to be a visitor from, try to match the content published in with your content so that Google will give you more priority because of the relative relevance of your content to any of them.

When you try to be a visitor from, try to match the content published in with your content so that Google will give you more priority because of the relative relevance of your content to any of them.

Friends this was originally an informative post to create a secret backlink today hopefully today’s post will help you a lot in creating the most powerful backlinks and if you have a good short information from this post then of course give me feedback with your valuable comments in the comment box below Let me know.

Hopefully this method will be very useful for ranking your blog site by Google. 

High quality backlinks are available from a powerful domain, so why shouldn’t Google bring it to the front page and bring it because it is Google’s dancing system.

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