How to Crop a Gif 2020

How to Crop a Gif by using Online Tool or Apps.

How to Crop a GIF 2020.

Every day we use gif for various purposes !! Chatting on Facebook or using it as a unique picture on a blog, many people liked gifs!

But a lot of times we need to cut and separate this Gif because the Gif is to combine some pictures to form a Picture or Image that will move and look like a video!
Sometimes it may be necessary to change the size, so let’s see how to crop a gif.

If you want to create and how to crop a GIF then you have to do it with the help of some special online tools or software or apps used on mobile. Although there are plenty of easy ways to crop GIFs. But before cropping GIF, you need to look at its features.

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It is better to work manually as a perfect cropper. It enables you to create new animated GIF’s and give them a variety of sizes and it will also increase your work experience. 
So in this article today I will try to explain how to crop a GIF.

Best Tools For Crop A GIF.

There are many systems or processes for cropping GIFs, but in today’s post, I want to discuss 3 things. Because with these 3 processes you can crop your GIF. so what is 3 Best Tools For wherewith to Crop A GIF.


  1. Online Tools
  2. PC Software Tools.
  3. Apk Tools.

So let’s see the work of tools.

1. Online Tool.

The online tool is our first tool to crop GIF.
This tool is easy for us and we will get it first by searching GIF in Google How to Crop.

Its name is ezgif and this tool can crop PNG files with very simple and animated GIFs.
Just upload GIF images or animation images and select the ones you want to crop or resize from your computer’s trackpad.

You can select the image in any ratio, especially square or 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 2:1, or free cropping. This tool has a special process called auto crop so you can choose it. It’s very easy to do.

Crop the GIF image as round or transparent and use it and Can also be used to crop animated PNG (APNG) files or any other images, photos, and images.

2. PC Software Tools.

GIF animation can also be used in various sizes including image cropping through PC software. 
For this, you need to have the software of Photoscape image editor installed on the computer.
You will then need to import your GIF image and then select the option to crop. From there you can crop the GIF image to your liking and create new animated GIFs if you wish using this PC software.
It can be used in any resolution and can also be used to increase the size of the GIF.
So those of you who are PC users can download and use PhotoScape on their PC. Hopefully, this will be much more helpful for you.

3. Apk tools.

Apk Tools has several popular apps in the Playstore for cropping GIFs.
Super High Definition GIF Editor, Gif mini are many more popular Android apps. You can also crop and resize your animated GIF images using these.
Using this app you can select all GIFs of any size and any resolution. Those who want to use these, including making GIFs using Android, can use it this way.
Basically, these are the methods of GIF cropping. But those of us who are iOS users will know how to change the resize and resolution of it in different ways including making GIFs. So let’s see how to crop a gif on the iPhone.

How to crop a gif on the iPhone.

GIF brings a different look to the iPhone, and it’s a must-have for iPhone users. Because the iPhone is always different from the animated GIF.

But many times we need to change or crop GIF from our iPhone.
But the iPhone is not as popular as Android, because most people do not use paid and paid apps. So you always try to find free apps. And in between, I will ask you to use GIf Maker or Gifx.
GIF Maker will allow you to shoot your moment and convert it to GIF.
This allows you to crop from small to high resolution.
Moreover, you will get many more features such as using GIF animation from the video. 
Choose the animated image that you want to crop GIF by entering the apps, you can use it on both iPad and iPhone platforms.

You can use filters with a beautiful image using Text Add, Adjust Quality, and Speed.

How to Crop GIF Images in PowerPoint 2016.

here I’ve got two images a static PNG image on the left and an animated gif image on the right generally speaking if you want to crop a regular PNG or jpg image you would click on it go to the Format tab. Use the crop tool to crop the image using these handles like, 
so nowhere is the same image.

I showed you earlier but it’s an animated gifs image and if I click on it and go to the Format tab. You will notice that the crop tool is grayed out that’s because he cannot use the crop tool on gif images.

However, there’s a rock around that I’m going to show you so go to the insert tab and under shapes choose a rectangle. Then try it on the gif image like so next click and while having your Shift key pressed on your keyboard click on the rectangular shape.

so essentially if you’ve selected both the gif image and the shape next go to the Format tab underdrawing tools and under merge, shapes choose to intersect, and as you can see it’s cropped a gif image and if I play it it is still animated as you can see. 

I could do the same with a circular image and use the merged shape tool to crop the head like so and as you can see the gif image is still animated. But that’s pretty much it well hopes you found this tutorial.

How to Crop a Gif powerpoint 2016

 So, friends, I hope today’s article has been helpful for you and I hope you can now crop a gif and know about How to Crop a Gif. If you want you can share this article with your friends and visit your own blog every day to get new articles. 

Also, don’t forget to leave your valuable comments so let us know in the comment box below to leave any comments, I will try to help you.
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