How to do video conferencing with Google Meet

Many countries have been shutting down video conferencing services for days due to concerns over the security of Zoom.
And on that occasion, Google’s Hangout video conferencing meeting is now becoming popular. Google claims that at least 2 million people a day are now joining the service. At the same time, Google reports that at least 100 million people use Meet Service every day.

Zoom’s security leak is being blamed as the reason for this, the media reported that from time to time many people have raised questions against Zoom’s service.

So today I will tell you how you can easily join Google Meet,

how to do video conferencing with google meet

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How to use Google’s Gmail business and education services is easy for anyone to use :

To use it, you must first log in to Gmail. Then click on the Google Apps menu.

The Hangout Meet video conferencing service is available. 

Click OK. 
After clicking Meet, you can start a new meeting or join a meeting. 
Also, if you want to get the Google meeting service directly, now you need to go to this address 
Click to join or start a meeting. If you want to give, you have to give his code. Or if you want to create a new meeting, enter the name of the meeting and click there,the new meeting will start. 

Now you can invite others to that meeting via email. So copy the meeting url and send to email. He can then click Url and join the meeting with a maximum of 17 people.

Screenshot 23

Benefits About Google Meet :

  • Meetings are safe : The audio and video streams are encrypted, so they are yours and no one else.
  • The broadcast is a flight : You can share your meeting with up to 100,000 views!
  • Recording is easy too : Is anyone sick? No problem! Just hit the “record,” and they can watch the meeting later, when they feel better.
  • Share your screen : use more devices, and more. Even if someone is not in your organization, they can join your meeting, and you can even start a meeting on the fly!

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