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AdSense Policy Violations How to fix | 100% Solve

AdSense Policy Violations

AdSense Policy Violations How to fix 2020.

Sometimes I see in different groups or comments section why my Google Adsense is not being approved, rejecting it, even after applying many times, I am not getting Adsense, I am getting errors again and again.

However, if you can follow some rules, there will be no policy violation error and I want to share this trick with you from my own practical experience.

Hi, friends welcome back to your own blog. In today’s registered blog post, I will share with you how to fix your Google AdSense Policy Violation Error. So friends let’s follow this blog and know about how to fix AdSense Policy Violations 2020.

AdSense Policy Violations

You will try to read this post in its entirety today. You will get a complete tutorial from which you can easily get your personal or organization’s AdSense. And hope you never forget it. From this, you can better understand.

Rejection mail will never come from Adsense and I hope you will get good news all the time.

So those who apply get a return mail and it says “Your site does not comply with our policy”. Or “Your Site isn’t Ready to show ads”
So how do I solve all the errors, and how do I approve the site ??

So if this is your problem then today’s post is for you. Because here I will write some correct important points and How you can get your domain approved by Google Adsense.

Here I will try to say everything from my own experience. From this post, you will know how to get AdSense approved within 24 hours without any error.

Google AdSense Policy Violations Rejected Problem.

Every time we make a mistake, our content does not match the domain name and site topic, we have to understand that the wrong content is such a problem.

But again and again, after publishing content on our blogs or sites or a lot of traffic comes, my AdSense rejects from Google, everything is done properly, even after I set the page beautifully but the last result Google AdSense has a policy violation error.

So friends, how can this problem be fixed, so let’s see what points I have discussed today.
First of all, when you see such an error, try to update your site again.

In this way, your site Adsense will be approved and you will be able to earn a good amount.

So dear Let’s check all points…

1. Blog Content(It’s very Important)

Many of you don’t get ideas about content and in most cases, you see that most people are always confused about content.


You wonder if you will get AdSense approval by publishing this content or rejecting the site.



So I’m going to tell you some small rules. If you follow these rules, you will get 100 percent approval.


  • Not use Copy content: So first of all, many of you copy the content of other blogs or sites. You will probably find lots of videos on YouTube on how you can easily get AdSense by copying and pasting. So let me tell you, all these videos are fake at once and never believe it, and if they upload fake videos as proof, you won’t believe them at once. Because even if they get AdSense approved, you won’t have to keep it in mind. All the time.


  • Not use Spin, Rewrite, Generator Tool: Never copy or rewrite the article and publish the content using any internet tool for AdSense.You may be able to easily get a large number of visitors to your blog, but you will never get Adsense. Because Google’s algorithm is twice as fast as your brain. Even if you re-write the short text and rank it, you will not get any benefit, so do not do this.

2. Blog Images.

    • Upload Unique Photos: This point is very important. Do not upload images used in your blog directly from Google, many of you take pictures directly from Google and upload them to the blog and as a result, Google rejects your site directly without approving it. You don’t do this, For this, you can take the help of copyright-free images sites. But remember to edit and change some of the pictures taken from these places, it will make your picture unique. So if you do this, there will be no error in your application.

3. Downloading Content Post.

  • Avoid Download Content Blog: Now our 3rd number is here, You will not write any downloadable content and you will not be able to add any download link inside the text. If you want to make an APK downloading site, you can first publish a review blog of these apps if you want. And when you get AdSense, then you can make your APK downloading or any apps downloading site. It will not be a problem to get your AdSense.In most cases, those who have created these blogs have all followed this trick. So those who want to get AdSense by creating such a blog should keep this in mind and if you have created a blog about SEO and downloading something, then you can delete or update all those downloading links or posts now and remove the link. I have seen many new bloggers create different movie downloading content to get more traffic, and they get more error mails. Because even if you can rank very easily, no downloading content site is approved in Google’s terms and policy.
  • Index Problem: Again many times the rank may suddenly close and the index problems may start from the Google search console. Google will start blocking your site slowly, so these are the things you need to keep in mind. If you publish a blog of this content you will continue to have problems, and all the big sites are authorized sites, if they publish downloading content they will not have any problem, so new bloggers should also keep in mind.


4. Not used 18+ Content.

  • Another issue is that the site cannot be published on any 18+ content blog. Because this is also a policy of Google, if you get a lot of traffic to these sites and apply, Google will not approve and will reject it. Because Google never agrees to publish such content for which it sees a policy error.


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So friends, once again I want to clear and explain that Not use Copy Content, Not use Spin, Rewrite, Generator Tool, upload Unique Photos, Avoid Download Content Blog, Not used 18+ Content.

So this is the main secret trick that I have shared with you.
Policy Violence Errors can occur if you do not follow these steps.

Once your site is fresh, you may have made everything beautiful, even after using a good theme, an error may still occur, so how do you resolve it?

Even after that, when our blog is often rejected by Google, there are basically 2 conditions for it.

5. Choose 1 Language.

There are 2 conditions left, one of which is to publish content in 2 languages.

I say this from my own experience because I did this work after publishing the blog in two languages, they rejected my Google Adsense and when I applied for all the posts in English on that site, they approved it without any error.

You have to work with some posts in Bengali and some posts in English will be a problem. So I would say you have to select 1 language.

And you have to post regularly in 1 language, if you post in English, keep doing it in English, or if you do it in your own language, keep doing it in your own language.




6. Update Regular.


Then another important issue is regular updates of the site. Always try to keep the site regular updates.

Regular updates give your site a specific time or make a schedule to publish regular posts or articles.

You write 1 day after the 1-day article or if you don’t have time then write post after 2 days or less than 1 week after post.
There are many of you who most of the time do this by publishing a post again after 15-20 days to write a post today.

These cannot be done all at once so try to keep regular updates, hopefully, there will be no error when you apply.
So, friends, I tell you, those who want to apply, publish at least 25 articles on your blog.

Because without the article, you will never get Google’s AdSense, rank. Many people get AdSense by posting less than this, but I apply by posting 25 articles…
And always try to make sure that each article is between 500 and 1000 words.

However, many people approve of reasonable 300-word post leaks.
So, friends, this was the main topic of today. Try to follow the above, I hope there will be no error in getting your site Adsense. so this is our article and gets AdSense without AdSense Policy Violations.

If you want to know how you like today’s registered blog, you can let me know by writing in the comment box below. If you have any problems with your blog and any SEO related posts, please let me know, And if you share this post with your friends, it will help you and your friend. And to know something new, visit this blog regularly, you are always welcome here.

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