IHT list in Bangladesh(Update 2021)

সরকারী এবং বেসরকারী ইনষ্টিটিউটসমূহ...

IHT list in Bangladesh(Update 2021)

Hi friends how are you all? Hope everybody is doing well. Today I would like to share with you all the public and private institutes of health technology located in Bangladesh.

If you are looking for a list of all public and private health technology institutes (IHTs) then you will find all the websites you need in this list. I can say with 100 percent certainty that the list of all the IHT’s given here will remind you of the names of all the diploma institutes in Bangladesh.

The IHT list in Bangladesh(Institute of Health Technology) offers Diploma and BSc courses in various medical disciplines such as Laboratory Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Diploma in Radiotherapy, Diploma in Radiology and Imaging, Diploma in Dentistry, and Diploma in Dentistry.

IHT list in Bangladesh
IHT list in Bangladesh

IHT list in Bangladesh — সরকারী এবং বেসরকারী ইনষ্টিটিউটসমূহঃ

At present, there are 8 government and 30 private diploma institutes in Bangladesh, including the IHT list in Bangladesh in 2021. (Institute Of Health Technology Bangladesh).

আরো দেখুন: কিভাবে মানুষের অমরত্ব হবে

Government Institute Of Health Technology (IHT) – সরকারী ইনষ্টিটিউটসমূহ.

1. Institute Of Health Technology, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
2. Institute Of Health Technology, Rajshahi.
3. Institute Of Health Technology, Bogra.
4. Institute Of Health Technology, Rangpur.
5. Institute of Health Technology, Barisal.
6. Institute of Health Technology, Jhenaidah.
7. Institute Of Health Technology, Chittagong.
8. Institute of Health Technology, Sylhet.

Private IHT list in Bangladesh – (বেসরকারী ইনষ্টিটিউটসমূহ)

  1. Trauma Institute Of Medical Technology.
  2. Sahid S.A Memorial Medical Institute.
  3. New lab Institute Of Medical Technology.
  4. Green View Institute Of Medical Technology.
  5. Armed Forces Institute Of Health Technology.
  6. Bangladesh Institute Of Medical and Dental Technology.
  7. Ahsaniah Mision Institute Of Medical Technology.
  8. Sumona Institute Of Medical Technology.
  9.  Dhaka Institute Of Health Technology.
  10. Saic Institute Of Medical Technology.
  11. Institute Of British Colombia Medical Technology.
  12. International Institute Of Health Science.
  13. National Institute Of Medical and Dental Technology.
  14. Shemoli Ideal Institute Of Health Technology.
  15. Redient College Of Medical Technology.
  16. Bangladesh Medical College.
  17. Dhaka Microlab Institute Of Medical Technology.
  18. Bangladesh Health Professional Institute.
  19. Prime institute of science and medical technology.
  20. RangpurNational Institute Of Medical Technology.
  21. Marks Institute Of Medical Technology.
  22. Institute Of Community Health Bangladesh.
  23. Fortune Institute Of Medical Technology.
  24. Prince Institute Of Medical Technology.
  25. A R Medical Institute.
  26. Rampura Institute Of Medical technology.
  27. Jefri Institute of Health Science
  28. Lake View Institute of Medical Technology, Tepakhola Lake Par, Faridpur-7800
  29. Compact medical institute, feni.
  30. Jamjam Institue Of Medical Technology and Nursing, Barishal.

Conclusion about Diploma sector IHT list in Bangladesh and this content.

We hope you find the names and locations of all the institutes listed here very easy. If you know of more private and government IHT lists, you must comment directly in the comment box below.
In this, we will try to present the name of the new institute in a better way.

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