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Lock Facebook Messenger With Touch ID & Face ID On IPhone

How to lock messenger app on iPhone

How To Lock Facebook Messenger With Touch ID and Face ID On IPhone.

Facebook is currently the largest social media in the world. And using this Facebook, thousands of hackers are hacking people’s personal pictures, private messages and other accounts every day.
At the same time, they are updating Facebook and their privacy.

For those updates, Facebook has moved to a better position in terms of security. And that update is coming in turn on Facebook Messenger. Due to this update, a lock system is running on Facebook Messenger, which means that if anyone wants to take your mobile phone in hand, they will no longer be able to see your private messages on Facebook Messenger.

Lock Facebook Messenger | App Lock On Messenger iOS.

So friends, how are you all? Welcome back to your own blog. Today I will share with you How To Lock Facebook Messenger With Touch ID And Face ID On IPhone And App Lock On Messenger iOS.


If you have an iOS device, today’s full blog is for you, because many of us don’t know how to use this new update feature on Facebook.


Lock Facebook Messenger
This new feature of Facebook is currently only available on iOS and they will bring it to the Android platform as a full update.
The main reason for this update is that our used phone can be lost at any time and our personal messages are likely to be leaked from it.


Basically, Facebook wants to bring such updates from this idea.
So I hope you understand about today’s tune so let’s see How you can lock on Facebook Messenger on your iOS device.
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Lock Facebook Messenger On iOS.

If you want to turn on the update feature of Messenger Lock 2020 on your iPhone, first you need to download the updated version of the new Facebook Messenger from the iOS Store.
1. After that you need to open the apps in your home.
Lock Facebook Messenger
You cannot use this new feature without Update Messenger.
2. Now you enter your own messenger and click on your profile there.
Lock Facebook Messenger
3. Then select the Privacy option from your Messenger profile. Like the picture below.
Lock Facebook Messenger
4. After clicking on Privacy, you can see the new feature called App Lock under Secret Conversation, Blocked People.
And now click on the option from here.
Lock Facebook Messenger
5. Basically, all phones up to iPhone 8 use fingerprint or Touch ID. And those who use the device above the iPhone 10 will have to use the used Face ID.
Lock Facebook Messenger
6. Now turn on the app lock option. And then you will need your iPhone fingerprints or those who have a face ID.
Lock Facebook Messenger
7. So now you can set the time from Require Touch ID or Face ID when you lock the app. For this you will get 4 systems. And from here, you have to choose the option that suits you.


Lock Facebook Messenger
So I hope you understand how to use the new feature Facebook Messenger Lock of iOS .  Using this new system of Facebook, the personal privacy of the account will be a lot of advantage to the general users.
Moreover, as the privacy of the Facebook account, you can always keep the 2-step verification setting on at all times.

Some things about Facebook Update Messenger.

Currently Facebook has brought more or less updates, of which I like this update. Because, there are no special apps to lock Facebook Messenger, especially those of us who use iPhone.
Facebook also wants to bring another change in their feature.
That is, you can’t send unsolicited pictures to strangers from Facebook.
Whenever someone sends unsolicited pictures to people outside the friend list, Facebook will automatically blur those pictures.
This way no bad pictures from outside the friend list will come to our inbox and this feature will be much more popular in my opinion on Facebook.

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This new feature of Facebook Messenger App Lock 2020 was first released by Facebook on the iOS platform.
So friends, this was my full blog today, and if you like this post, you must share it with your friends. I think you and your friends will get help from you. And for any comments you can let us know your valuable comments in the comment box below. I will try to help you.

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