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Authentication Bypass Nordvpn account locked For Android

NordVpn is one of the best premium VPNs in the world. Which received the award for Best VPN in 2019. Since premium items have to be used with a subscription at the expense of money.

But today I will show you how to use Nordvpn account locked bypass for free. With the use of Nordvpn account locked bypass mode you can enjoy the full 750 servers of Nordvpn which is really good news for you.

How to use Nordvpn account locked.

How to use NordVpn Nordvpn account locked premium on your mobile for free so that’s the point. All you need to use NordVpn on Android for free is Nordvpn’s Old App and Nord Vpn Premium Accounts.

And you have to turn off Auto Update from Playstore because if Auto Update is not turned off, the old version of NordVpn will be updated.

Get Nord Vpn Premium Accounts Free.

Authentication can not be bypassed in the new app, but if you use the old app, there will be no more problems.

If you enter Nord Vpn’s Premium Accounts here, this post will be played twelve times because you have to make a big list and regular updates. That’s why I have given many accounts on separate pages and I will try to update them regularly.

Click on the Get NordVpn Premium Accounts button below to go to the Premium Accounts page and collect the accounts.

   Nordvpn Account List

But you also need my help, I will remove and update which account does not work if you inform me by telegram or any other means.

Bypass Nordvpn account locked Verification For Android User.

1. How to turn off auto-update of the app from play store so this is our main point.

2. Before downloading the Old Version NordVpn apk mode, we must turn off the Auto Update of Playstore.

3. Either downloading the old version will not be profitable, the app will be auto-updated.

4. First go to Play Store and click on your Gmail profile picture and then click on the Setting option.

Nordvpn account locked

Then, click on Network preferences> Auto-update Apps option because from here the auto-update of all the apps on the Android phone is turned off.

Authentication Bypass Nordvpn account locked For Android User
Nordvpn account locked

Then select the Don’t Auto-Update app and click the Done button and make sure Auto Update is off.

Authentication Bypass Nordvpn account locked Verification For Android User
Authentication Bypass Nordvpn account locked Verification For Android User

Now after turning off Auto Update, download the old version of Nord-VPN from the link given below.

   Downlod OLD Apk

The new version of Nord Vpn now has an Authentication problem, so you need to use the old version to bypass Authentication. After downloading, log in with a premium account, connect to any server and keep using.

Because the old apps didn’t have that much security process, All servers have to be used following our bypass process to further develop apps with updates.

Nordvpn account locked
Nordvpn account locked
[Note:] Do not change the account password, although you will be asked to change the password, you will skip by clicking the cross (x) button above.

And don’t forget to update the app If you update the app, you will eat bamboo, no account will work.

Nordvpn account locked
Nordvpn account locked

NordVpn account lock Server Connection problem solved.

It is often seen that NordVpn does not connect to any server or it takes a long time to connect. This is when many people use one account at a time.

In that case, you must first go to your NordVpn settings and log out of the account.

Nordvpn account locked
Nordvpn account locked

Then login with any other NordVpn account I have provided and you will be connected to any server.
In addition, you must comment on any problem.

Don’t forget to connect VPN and run Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s uncle now locks his ID as soon as he enters Facebook with a very conscious VPN, so don’t run Facebook while NordVpn is on, if necessary, disconnect it and run it again.

However, many times for a lot of work on Facebook (to make a single name, to do more hasten work) VPN is needed, it is a different account.

You can do this if you need to use a VPN, but there is no need to take unnecessary risks.

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