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Learn about some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.

Some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains

Hi friends, we go to specific sorts of web sites from time to time to be aware of the entirety unknown. So I hope almost ready for this blog tune about some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.

But in this world surrounded by using mysteries, there is no give up to our expertise And for our needs, we are visiting our mysterious web sites each and every day.

And, in order to go to this website, we want to be aware of the URL or hyperlink of that website.The extension at the give up of which is referred to as the domain.

Although there are many domains, some TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .xyz, .tk, etc. are at the top of popularity and in present day tune we will research about some of the famous some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.

some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.


Learn about some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.

You must additionally comprehend that all these TLDs (Top Level Domains) are managed by means of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit agency in the United States.

It was headquartered on September 17, 1997 and is named John Postel.

ICANN is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Some list about TLD.

  • Com
  • .Net
  • .Org
  • .Gov
  • .Info
  • .Me
  • .Xyz
  • Country extension)
  • .Tk
  • .Biz

So now some popular (TLD) Top Level Domains.

Details About .Com.

Dot com is one of the (TLD) domain extensions on the Internet.
It has been commercially registered by name.
Its name derives from the word commercial for its main purpose for domains.
A top-level domain name is one of the highest-level domains in the hierarchical domain name system of the Internet.
Although the main purpose is to use this domain extension for business name registration, this domain is also used on all types of sites.
And so for many, this is the type of website that means “.com”.
You should also know that is the first site on the Internet to use the .com domain extension.
So maybe the dot com domain extension has got more priority for everyone.

Details About .Net.

The Domain Name Net is a generic top-level domain (GTLD) used in Internet domain name extension systems.
The term dot net comes from the word network and indicates that it is primarily for companies involved in networking technology.
The .net domain is also next to the .com domain. So it is also a top level domain.

Details About .Org.

It is also a very popular GTLD.
Used for any organization’s website. The extension name of this domain is derived from the word organization.
It is used by various organization based sites. Therefore, it is also considered as a top level domain.

Details About .Gov.

This TLD is used as an extension of any government website in any country.
Although now most countries have their own GOV TLD registration. As is the case for our country, Bangladesh

Details About .Info.

This domain extension is mainly used for personal or information based websites.
The name implies that it is derived from the word information.
This type of domain is used in any type of info. For example, if someone wants to publish Tech Info, they have bought this domain.

Details About .Me.

Although we use it for our portfolio or personal website, it is actually ccRLD (Country code top-level domain).
Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known as Montenegro ccTLD.
For example, ccTLD .in of India, of Bangladesh.

Details About .Xyz.

This TLDT has gained a lot of popularity since 2016.
One of the main reasons for the popularity of such domain extensions is,
It is available for Rs 50 to Rs 180 in the first year, and is almost like any other TLD for renewal fee.
It’s good to know that Gulol bought the “” domain for their Alphabet Inc and it gained popularity overnight on TLDT.

Details About .Com.BD.

This domain extension is basically a TLD of Bangladesh.
So there are many Bangladeshi buyers who are choosing this TLDT after not getting the domain name of their choice empty.
You can buy a domain extension with this TLD for only Tk 650 and its renewal fee is Tk 750 per year.

Details About .Biz.

Economy The stock market has created some relief in the demand for domain names in TLD.
Dot com has been chosen as an alternative domain for dot com instead of low top level domain, and top level domain extension for a small amount of money separately for business.
There is no specific legal or geographical qualification to register a biz domain name, it is only used for “wonderful business or commercial use”.
It was created in 2001 with various other domains as the first batch of new gTLDs to be approved.
ICANN’s Internet Commerce growth interest in the late 1990s will expand the following domain name systems.
TLD is run by an organization called Newstar and the registrants are processed by an authorized registrar.

Details About .Tk.

The most purchased .tk domain extension in the world of internet.
However, you do not have to pay any fee to buy this domain.
You can only buy this domain from the “Freenom” site.
However, the spam score of this TLDT is so high that with this extension you can rank your site if you want, but you have to burn a lot of wood for this.
Conclusion about some popular TLD.
This was today’s tune. I hope you have learned something new and the tune has been useful to you. Then you can share it with your friends and stay with us to get many more such tunes / tutorials. And, be sure to comment in the comment box below to let us know how you like the tune.

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