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10 common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021

10 common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021

We usually make about 10 mistakes to SEO our site or blog. Although these wrong shots are very small. So we may not care so much about why our site is damaged every day.

But site SEO is very important for ranking a site. So we should look at these small mistakes. This makes our site a lot of improvement…

So, friends, I hope everyone is well. Welcome back to your own blog. Today I will discuss the 10 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021 that, we make when doing SEO.

And today’s blog can be very helpful for you, so I hope you will stay tuned and leave any comments in the comment box below. I will help you.

SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021

SEO means search engine optimization, which means that you search for your topic by typing in the keyword on Google and see the topic according to the keyword you searched on the first page and they are all ranked in Google by SEO.
But there are 10 mistakes you can’t make in ranking, so let’s take a look at the mistakes that many people make.

⪫ 10 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021 List ⪪

  1. Publish duplicate content…
  2. Do not do internal linking.
  3. Not using LSI keywords.
  4. Build low-quality links or purchase backlinks from low DA PA sites.
  5. Not to be mobile user-friendly.
  6. Page speeds remain low.
  7. More keywords in the content.
  8. Targeting the wrong keywords.
  9. Performance not to be tracked.
  10. Publish thin content.

Now let’s take a look at the above issues in detail.

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1. Publish duplicate content.

There may be many of us who do not write with a content writer or we write ourselves but do not check the duplication. It should be checked all the time after writing the article whether there is any plagiarism in our content.

So whether you write content or not, always try to check its duplication and publish it. Because of the same content. You cannot rank content that has plagiarism.

You can take the help of tools if you want to check plagiarism.

Here are some suggestions.

Plagiarism Checker Tools.

  1. Copyscape (Paid)
  2. quetext (Paid)
  3. SEO small tools (Free)
  4. Duplichecker(Free)

2. Do not do internal linking.
Internal linking is a means of passing juice from one post to another and from one post to another.

This makes your site’s link structure much stronger, and visitors can actually easily see from one post to another.

However, in the case of internal link building, you must link to the related topic so that the visitor can easily open the post related to that post.

This is much more important in on-page SEO.

3. Not using LSI keywords.

Your content is ready to be published, but make sure that the keyword ratio in your content is correct.
Whether the use of LSI keywords in content or articles is correct.

LSI is the equivalent of your exact keyword or you can call it a suggested keyword or related keyword. When you search on Google, you will see your keyword-based exact keyword as well as some suggested long keywords, that is LSI keyword.

Here are some tools you can use for LSI keywords.

Google suggested results/related keyword…

  2. Ahrefs  (paid)
  3. Answerthepublic

4. Build low-quality links or purchase backlinks from low DA PA sites.

Backlink or link building is off-page SEO. Those of us who do SEO often link ourselves or create comment backlinks from many forum sites or websites. But it can be seen that the PA / DA of all these websites is very low or we create do-follow or no-follow backlinks from spammy sites which are harmful to our site.

So always try to build high-quality and topic-related backlinks or link building because it is more effective for our site. Moreover, in order for a post to be equivalent to a competitor or to survive in the competition, you must have backlinks from high DA PA sites.

This allows you to easily rank the site’s posts and bring them to the first page of Google, and if the site is backlinked, there is a possibility of getting a lot of visitors.

5. Not to be mobile user-friendly.

The present time is the age of smartphones, and now almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. Now you don’t need to sit on a laptop or desktop to do some Google search.

So Google now prefers user-friendly surfaces. So all the time you have to use a mobile user-friendly theme. Because Google has informed them in an update that 56% of the 100 users of a site are mobile users.

So try to make the site suitable for mobile use. Otherwise, there is a fear of losing visitors.

6. Page speeds remain low.

Testing the page loading speed of the site is much more important in SEO. If the speed of page-load of your site is high then your visitors or traffic will be lost and the bounce rate of your site will increase.

So after the effect on SEO try to use fast loading template. So use light themes and for WordPress sites, you can use paid plugins to increase the speed if you want. And you can remove unused CSS files to speed up Blogger.

A site should be used as simply as possible.

Because slow loading templates are annoying to the visitor.
You can use Google’s site speed checker tool to check the speed of the site or you can also check the site speed with the G-Matrix tool.

7. More keywords in the content.

We often spoof our keywords in our articles which is not good for SEO. Therefore, when publishing content or articles, the keyword ratio should be 1.5%.

For example, in a 1000 word article, a keyword should be written 3 times and the emphasis should be 3-6 times. This will allow you to rank your site very easily.

8. Targeting the wrong keywords.

We use LSI keywords as we wish to get quick rankings when doing SEO, and whether the keyword does not fit into the content does not go with the topics of the article.

As a result, such keywords have an adverse effect on our site.

9. Performance not to be tracked.

You need to track the keywords of your site from time to time. You should check the position of any of your keywords from time to time, and if you do not track these, or will not be able to plan for the future.

So don’t forget to check the performance or audit of the site from time to time.

10. Publish thin content.

Your published content must be more relevant and more relevant than your competitors so that visitors can understand the content of your content by looking at the title of your site.

Relevance and a low number of words are considered as thin content so try to publish content of a minimum of 500 to 1000 or 1500 words.

This will make your site’s SEO performance much better and some keywords will rank normally. So, I hope you guys understand today’s topic very easily. The main tool of a site is SEO and try to do everything in a cool head while doing SEO.

Small mistakes are the cause of our traffic loss, so always keep these shots in mind.
Don’t forget to let us know how you like today’s blog, so if you want, you can comment in the box below and share it with your friends. And visit every day to get new blogs.

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