Top 10 WORST Video Games RIP-OFFS of All Time

10 WORST Video Game

Top 10 WORST Video Games RIP-OFFS of All Time.

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Top 10 WORST Videos Game

With every successful game, it seems there are tons of copycats that follow right behind it. But some of those copycats are so bad we wonder why they were even made at all seriously these guys weren’t fooling anyone.
What’s up guys .welcome to SDewery Official top tens and today We are going to be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst video games Rip-offs now for this list we’re going to be looking at video games that are so obviously trying to bank on other game success and did such an Incredibly poor job trust me some of these are really really bad. And you are definitely not going to be able to guess the number one spot today.

The List Of Top 10 WORST Video Games.

We have to pee ago and this is a straight blatant rip off of Splatoon and. It was released for the Android and it’s a blatant copy of the Nintendo hit Splatoon.
What do you do? Well, you go around the map and you try to paint as much as possible in a cartoony third-person world. With unique characters that have all their own personalities and playstyles does that sound familiar? But you won’t have to try and get to know these characters because they’re literally just the Splatoon characters. 
Everyone to play a crappier version of Splatoon on your phone. Look no further than Sepia go it has everything that you could want and more in a blatant copy. This was pretty funny and i put this Game on my top 10 worst video games list.
I wonder how they don’t get sued at a number not.
Pokeballs training straight rip off of Pokemon go this one just it doesn’t really make sense to me. This is Pokeballs training a game. Where you just throw..Pokeballs at things in the same style as when you’re catching something in Pokemon go. It’s basically just a training app for Pokemon Go if you know how the firing range works in call of duty its kind of a firing range for Pokemon go. But with terrifying knockoff Pokemon and with completely different. Physics than the actual game so all of this practice this that you’re getting here is. Absolutely useless not to mention pokey mongo is free…So why would you even need this you can just go practice with Pokemon go you don’t need to go download Pokeball training?
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This one makes me mad because I’m a huge fan of Megaman at number eight. Do we have classic Robo war straight rip off of the classic series?
Megaman there have been tons and tons of Megaman rip-offs in the past. I mean, it’s one of the most successful franchises ever so naturally, people are going to try and bank off of it, but.. Classic Robo Wars Perhaps the worst of the bunch look at this game all they did was recolor Megaman and renamed him. Robot yeah super interesting name there guys. What’s even better is the production description on the app store?
Yeah, this is another mobile game is just the mega man x game description with the word Megaman? replaced by robot class II once again. I don’t see how some of these games and developers and studios don’t get sued back to the stone age by the original content creators.
What is the deal with ripping off classic titles like Metroid number 7?
Another bound is a ripoff straight ripoff of Metroid prime as far as rip-offs Go though this one at least had a little more effort put into it. But it’s still horrible another bound is a Metroid prime clone released on the PC. Want to get the full another bound experience you may ask well go get your Metroid prime disc assuming. You still have it because you should pop it in your Gamecube or you with it if you still have one of those. Then set up a camera and put a whole bunch of random filters on it and then play the game while looking through the camera. That’s exactly what another bound is like. It’s literally just a really ugly filtered version of. Metroid it’s just these are so laughable to me.
What’s next what’s next?… This one probably makes a lot of people mad because there are a lot of overwatch fans out there number 6.
we have the legend of titan which is a blatant rip of the huge game overwatch as far as overwatch rip-offs. Go most people point at Paladins for being the most blatant. But believe it or not, there is something even more blatant and way more horrible than Paladins into the legend of the titan again. So similar to overwatch that some you-tubers even had videos copyright claim by Activision because they thought they were uploading overwatch videos perhaps..
That’s a sign that your game is a little too close to the source material you don’t think in fact in an interview. Developers were asked why it was so obviously an overwatch clone to which they responded that the models and gameplay were just placeholders. And they plan on making it much more original in the future. Why would you plan on making it more original in the future after you launched it?
It’s just that’s bs. It’s complete Bs. This one probably makes me the angriest at number five and the length swords. Which is a straight rip off you guessed it of the legend of Zelda.
I didn’t mispronounce that this game is legitimately called Zanda the linked swords. .it’s a Zelda clone that butchers the two main characters names in the title of The Freaky game the entire game is like that. It’s just Zelda but poopy er. That’s right.
I said Poofier want to know the best part, so. No one has ever actually finished this game because it’s so broken many people have even debated is. There an end of the game as no one can get past the first few levels. It seems appropriate because it’s a crap game.
They ripped off Zelda and they probably didn’t even finish the game which means they ripped off the consumers as well.
Garnering our number four spot on this prestigious list we have today is sword requiem.
Which is a rip off of the fire emblem? The Fire Emblem series has a massive following who love the way the game plays the characters the storyline all of it. It’s just a great series well if you want to have some fun go get a fire emblem fan have them play sword Requi M Or requiem however you say that and then just watch them squirm with frustration. Seriously, this is just a fire emblem with different names in the characters and slightly different character designs…  Everything else is the same copy infringement copyright infringement source material infringement. Whatever you want to say the lawyers should have drawn up the papers a long long time ago. This was funny.
I just laugh when I see this one at number three. What could you name a game if you were trying to rip off Mario Kart let’s go with mole carts? That’s right mole mo L. Karte moly moly moly.
That’s the best title they’ve come up with her totally not a Mario kart rip-off racing game, right?  Well in case you’re not convinced by the fact that the title of the game players stolen from Mario Kart. How about this the courses are from Mario Kart as well seriously this game?.
Just ripped courses from Mario Kart we changed the character models and re-released the game. They didn’t even bother to change some of the items as bullet bills in the item boxes themselves were untouched needless to say.
Nintendo was not happy about this and almost immediately. Ordered to take down which mold cart responded by just changing some of the textures, that’s it and somehow. Nintendo was okay with that. Which is crazy because Nintendo is super picky.
I don’t understand the gaming world sometimes at..number 2 on today’s rip-off list.. rip off buffet if you will final combat which is a rip off of Team Fortress 2 let me know in the comments section how many times I say ripoff in this video team fortress 2 is still to.. this day One of the most popular PC games in the world which pretty much spells out the fact that it has its fair share of rip-offs. If your popular people try to copy. But perhaps the dumbest and most obvious is final combat it is a class-based shooter with big personalities for each of the classes. But every single class in character is obviously a copy and paste of those in TF2 and the game-play is just lame and unfunny. Also, I have to bring this up. Why would you rip off a free-to-play game like TF2 that really doesn’t make any sense?. What’s stopping people from just playing the real tF2 for free? instead of your stupid rip off come on. Now you have to you have to..work work smarter not harder and.
We’ve come to the number one spot. You guys know how this works. I want to know if you could guess What is in the number one spot?. I don’t think you’re going to get it today. but let me know on Twitter and in the comment section if you can guess it and. At our number one spot on this amazing list today. We have 3D cartoon land Safari.
Which is a copy of Super Mario 3D Land? Did you get it right because I bet honestly none of you did coming in at number one is..3D cartoon lane Safari, this was an iPhone game. That was literally just super Mario 3D Land, but with worse graphics and horrible controls. What’s worse about this is how it was somehow approved by apple for their store. Seriously this game that you’re looking at right now is approved by consumers for consumers. I’m sorry by apple sure it’s gone now.
But how did it even get in the store in the first place where they bribed was it a troll was it a joke? I’m going to just say it was a troll until I hear otherwise. Because I can’t think of a single reason that would get apple to consciously approve this game.. for their app store in any anyway, especially ripping off a juggernaut series like the Mario series you would just where are the controllers the like the Quality control done on these games and there you have it my friends those are 10 of the worst video game.
Rip-offs to date let me know where we got it right and wrong let me know What should have been added on this list there’s plenty of them out there.
I hope you enjoyed my registered blog today.
And maybe you know so much about Playstore’s Top 10 WORST Video Games.
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