What should be done to prevent covid 19, and one should not be done at all !!

Cavid-19 or coronavirus is now the name of a terror around the world, millions of people have been infected all over the world. Today’s post is about how to become aware.

Here are some ways to stay safe from coronavirus.

Cleaning hands with regular hand sanitizer or soap and disinfection butt must not rush too much. When washing hands, take some time to clean the back of your palm with fingertips and wrists. During the outbreak of the cornea virus, avoid any meeting festivals at all the concerts or any public gatherings Infact Try to avoid organizing such gatherings at this time, that will be better for you.

What should be done to prevent covid 19, and one should not be done at all !!

While quieting or coughing, touch the clean hand or face of the tissue. If you do not have sticks or tissue, you can hold a bad face on your hands. Be aware of everyone’s space Avoid touching anyone without their permission, keep a distance of at least 5 meters or 5 feet for everyone. Remember that being aware is not just keeping you close to someone close to you, Your awareness will increase your safety.
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